Did You Know?

50% of all illnesses are either caused by or aggravated by, polluted indoor air.
(American College of Allergists)

1 out of 6 people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria in the AIR DUCT SYSTEM.
(Total Health Magazine)

The levels of some hazardous pollutants in indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. (EPA)

People spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors.
(American Lung Association)

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies.

10-12 million American suffer from Asthma.
(American College of Allergists)


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Cleveland Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services


To keep the indoor air quality of your business safe, commercial air duct cleaning is essential and should be completed as routine maintenance. Dirty air ducts can create utility bills that are more expensive, reduce the amount of clean air in the building, and cause HVAC equipment to fail.

A building's air duct system accumulates dirt, dust, and debris making it difficult to run efficiently and properly. A thorough commercial air duct cleaning will get your system back to optimal performance and improve the indoor air quality for you and your staff. Before the air quality in your building suffers, get your system checked by professionals who can clean your system effectively.

Improve indoor air quality with a professional cleaning

When a business needs a complete commercial air duct cleaning service, the dirty environment can create a perfect environment for mold, bacteria and other dangerous microbes to grow. When mold spores grow in the air duct system, the air becomes laden with the spores and this can result in respiratory problems for people who are consistently breathing in the air. Those with asthma will find that their symptoms increase in a building that has mold growth in the air.

Based in Twinsburg and serving Cleveland, Akron, and Canton, our state of the art equipment and commercial air duct cleaning process will safely and effectively clean the entire duct system. It is impossible to try cleaning the system on your own with specialized equipment. In order for mold spores, mildew and bacteria to be removed effectively, the job must be completed by a professional company that specializes in cleaning large duct work systems. Improve the indoor air quality of your business today and keep health risks to a minimum for yourself and your employees.

Call 866-AIR-DUCT today or contact us…Clean Air America professionals deliver and that is 100% guaranteed.

Don't forget to ask about our Ultraviolet Germicidal Light system to help kill mold and bacteria. Contact us today or request a free estimate!

14 Things to Demand from an Air Duct Cleaning Company

When you’re investing in a Cleveland air duct cleaning service, you deserve to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Do you want a cheap quote and empty promises, or a fair price promised right up front.. and the most thorough cleaning in the business?

Call the other guys! Use this check-list of questions and demand that the carpet cleaners and low-price couponders tell you right up front what you’re really going to get for their “bargain” price!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas
Do You SPECIALIZE in Air Duct Cleaning?

Hear music on the line? The other guys may be starting up their little song and dance? Watch out for, “ We specialize in a lot of things... carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping or heating and cooling!” What they really mean is - “No we don’t.”
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas
Is the PRICE your quoting really the total price?

If you’re asked to count registers and cold-air returns a red flag should go up. “Whole House Duct Cleaning” can mean many different things. If the company won’t tell you the total price until they get their salesman into your house - run!
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas
Is your EQUIPMENT portable or a full truck-vac system?

Portable vacs have three potential problems. (1) Very little vacuum power. (2) The seals can leak as the machine exhausts in the house. (3) There’s always a danger of cross contamination from other jobs. One good thing - they’re cheap!
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas
Do you provide a WRITTEN GUARANTEE?

A written “Service Guarantee” spelling out what you can expect from the company before, during and after the job is complete. Demand a written list that you can< use to check their work and be assured your investment is protected.
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas
Will You Provide Proof of $1,000,000 in Liability Insurance?

Demand proof that the company carries at least a $1,000,000 umbrella policy. This may seem remote, but what if a neighbors child was hurt on your property by the uninsured equipment of your “bargain-priced” cleaner. It’s happened!
Are the workers FULL TIME EMPLOYEES of YOUR company?

Many service companies don’t hire employees. They subcontract workers on an “as-needed” basis and they have no connection with the company you called. Demand to know if the workers coming are employee’s or sub-contractors.
Do Your Technicians Bring Photo Identification?

Know one wants strangers having full access to their property. Assurance that the workers coming to your home are uniformed with company I.D. badges and identification is important to your peace of mind.
Do Your Workers Protect My Floors and Furnishings? How?

At Clean Air America, we wear new paper shoe covers on every job and protect doorways and corners with plastic guards. If you get silence on this question, get ready to have your carpets cleaned when the low-price guys are done!
Will My Registers & Return Covers be Cleaned?

Most air duct cleaners don’t even think about doing this important step. Ask for assurance that all registers and cold-air return covers will be vacuumed and hand cleaned as part of their standard process. We think it’s part of a thorough clean!
Will You Wet Brush and Hand Clean Register Boots?

The conversion boots just under the registers collect dirt, bobby pins and a soapy film from the carpet cleaner. Each one should be sprayed with a degreasing agent and brushed to remove sticky residue.
Are Ducts and Main Lines Cleaned with a Scrubbing Tool?

This is critical to a thorough cleaning. Accumulated contamination can be sticky and compacted. There’s no amount of vacuum or blowing air that can deep- clean your system. Our eight fingered“Viper” scrubs right to the bare metal.
Do You Clean the Blower Fan, Burners and Cabinet Interior?

This is not included in most phone quotes and coupon specials and can be as much as a $129.00 “extra” on the final bill. If this important step is not included in the service, demand to know... “Why Not?”
Do You Include New Service Panel Doors?

One carpet cleaner advertised, “We don’t cut into your system!” Our question then is, “How do get the dirt out?” Both the supply and return main lines must be accessed to clean the system. New service access panels complete the job.
Can I Talk to the Owner if I Have a Problem?

You’ll receive a postage-paid “Report Card” so you can convey directly to the owner of Clean Air America how you feel about the service you received. Every card is read and if there’s a problem - it’s addressed within 24 hours.

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